Medically Certified Exemptions

The purpose is to temporarily prohibit disconnection of utility service to a qualifying residential customer for at least 60 days in cases of certified medical necessity; and to provide an opportunity for the customer to retire past due amounts by periodic installments under an automatic medical payment arrangement commencing after 30 days.


  • Must be made by a licensed physician or local board of health

  • Initial phone call to notify RWU is allowed but must be accompanied by written documentation within 7 days of initial notice by the certified party.

    • Notice must include:

      • Name and contact information for the certifying party;

      • Service address and name of patient;

      • A statement that the patient resides at the premises in question; and

      • A statement that the disconnection of utility service will aggravate an existing medical emergency or create a medical emergency for the patient.

  • Certificate presentation prior to disconnection entitles a customer to receive a medical payment arrangement term

The certificate may be presented up to 14 days after disconnection, with utility discretion as to whether it shall accept a certificate more than 14 days after disconnection have passed.  Certification presented after disconnection entitles a customer to receive a medical payment arrangement term.


  • When a valid medical certification is provided to the utility up to 14 days after disconnection, service shall be restored within one day after the provision of certification.

duration of certificate

  • The certificate shall protect the account from disconnection for 60 days after the date of certification. If the customer was disconnected prior to certification, the 60 day period shall not begin until the utility restores the customer's service.