Frequently Asked Questions 

what payment assistance options do you offer?

Multiple solutions exist for any customers that qualify for low-income status. Learn if you qualify.

what options do i have if i do not qualify for low income status and have trouble making payments?

All customers may enter into a Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) as long as they have not failed to complete a prior DPA in the last 12 months. 

Learn more about DPAs here. 

what if i have an existing medical condition that inhibits my ability to complete payments on-time?

Rockwell Utilities assists qualifying customers in specialized payment plans to help reconcile past-due payments. 

Learn more here.

my water & sewage have been disconnected, what do i do?

If your services have been disconnected, make sure that your bill payment was processed. 

if my primary source of income (TANF, Social security, etc.) date prevents my ability to pay on-time--what can i do to prevent late fees?

if i require my notices and information in a language other than english?

Please call Rockwell Utilities at 1-888-762-8845 or 630-830-5387 or email us at and alert one of our representatives to your issue so we can assist you accordingly.