November 13, 2018





To: All Rockwell Utilities Customers:


The boil water order issued on Saturday November 10th has been lifted.

Boiling water is no longer required.  We appreciate your patience while we resolved this issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience.   The boil water order was issued as a precautionary measure due to a temporary loss of pressure in the system on Saturday morning.  Your water can be used for drinking and cooking without boiling.  Thank you.

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May 2nd, 2018

Wastewater System Update

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March 29, 2018


Attention lakemoor residents, 

Below you will find the 3rd party test results confirming the quality of our water to be safe for consumption. If you have any other questions regarding this report, please direct all inquiries to 

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March 20, 2018

Dear Rockwell Utilities Customer:

Over the last two weeks, we have received several reports of a strong odor being present in the Rockwell Place and Meadows neighborhoods. We have determined that the odor has been emanating from the sanitary sewer system and sewage treatment facilities. This notice is intended to provide information to our customers regarding what has been and is being done to address the odor issue, and to address some of the more important concerns expressed by residents.

  1. The odor has NOTHING to do with the drinking water supply or the fresh water storage system. The odor is associated with the waste water (i.e. sanitary sewer) system and DOES NOT PRESENT ANY RISK TO QUALITY OF THE METERED WATER SUPPLIED TO YOUR HOME.

  2. Our team has been working diligently since the increase in odor was reported to determine the underlying cause, and to reduce the severity of the odor in the neighborhoods.

  3. We had the entire sanitary sewer system inspected for any failures or blockages which could potentially cause foul odors to build up. No failures or major obstructions were found. There were some partial blockages and debris found in some of the sewer mains in the Meadows Apartments neighborhood. Those sewer mains are being cleaned and flushed this week.

  4. Our wastewater operators have implemented extra treatment measures to boost the treatment efficiency, and more rapidly process the waste. Temporary odor control measures have been implemented at the sewage lift (pumping) station in the Meadows as well as at the treatment facility adjacent to the golf course. Additional odor control measures are in the process of being implemented.

The odor level has been reduced from its peak level about two weeks ago, however it can still be detected at various times of day, depending on the wind direction and other factors. It will take some time for the sewage system odor to dissipate to normal levels, but please keep in mind that no sewage treatment system will ever be “odor free”. Please be assured that Rockwell Utilities is committed to our customers, and to addressing this matter as quickly as we can. Please feel free to contact us at or (630) 830-5387 if you have questions. Thank you.