Who is required to pay a deposit?

existing customers

  • Rockwell Utilities has the right to request a deposit from an existing customer if:
    • he/she has made late payments four times in the past 12 months AND
    • the account has an existing past due amount that has gone unpaid for 30 days past the due date.
  • A customer can avoid a deposit requirement by entering into a DPA (see section on Low Income Customer Info) as long as the DPA was agreed upon prior to the assessment of the deposit. 
  • Rockwell Utilities can also demand a deposit if the utility has evidence a customer benefitted from tampering.

deposit returns

Deposits plus any accrued interest will be returned when the customer:

  • has established a satisfactory payment record for one year.
  • discontinues service and has paid off their account balance in full.

If you do not qualify for a returned deposit by the end of the year, you will still receive any accrued interest on your account.



listed below are the circumstances in which rockwell utilities upholds the right to demand a deposit:

  • Applicant was previously disconnected for non-payment of bill amounts

  • Applicant failed to pay a final bill owing to the utility for the same class and type of service;

  • Applicant's credit score fails to meet the minimum standard of the credit scoring system described in the utility's tariff.

  • Rockwell Utilities has proof that the applicant previously benefitted from tampering.

  • Rockwell Utilities has proof that PAL conditions exist for the applicant.