Deferred Payment Arrangements

Deferred Payment Arrangements or DPAs are agreements made between the customer and Rockwell Utilities in order to assist the customer in reconciling past debt owed to the utility without penalty. 


Any customer is eligible for a DPA as long as they have not failed to complete a DPA in the last 12 months. Customers remain eligible up until their services are disconnected for nonpayment. It remains up to the utility's discretion whether to extend the customer's eligibility to enter into a DPA to retire the debt that caused the disconnection.


The DPA has officially been defaulted after 2 days of non-payment past the due date.

  • payment includes both the installment due as well as any current charges on the monthly bill.

If a customer fails to follow-through on their payment arrangement, they will be notified by either written notice on the next bill statement, a separate written notice, or a phone call detailing the default. 

  • The utility may resume collection activity after a DPA defaults, including delivery of a disconnection notice and subsequent disconnection of the service unless the customer pays the full amount past due or pays the reinstatement amount and any applicable reinstatement fees in order to resume the DPA.


A customer may reinstate a previously defaulted DPA by paying the required amount of the DPA installments owing up to that date, including all past due bills that were not included in the original DPA amount.  The default notice shall state that DPA reinstatement is possible for a stated amount if paid in full by a certain date and that reinstatement subsequent to that date may include additional charges.


A customer whose financial conditions change during the course of a DPA shall be allowed to renegotiate the length of the DPA with the utility to ensure its successful completion.

One renegotiation is allowed during the course of a DPA, so long as:

A)        The customer is willing to discuss the customer's financial circumstances;

B)        The customer has at least made the down payment on the original DPA; and

C)        The DPA is not currently in default status

The utility shall not be obliged to extend the term of the DPA any longer than 4 to 12 additional billing cycles beyond the original term of the DPA; provided, however, that the utility and customer may renegotiate the DPA for a longer term if both parties agree.


Down payment

To initiate the DPA, the customer must pay at least 25% of the total amount owed.

Length of the dpa

The length of time to complete the DPA will be negotiated between Rockwell Utilities and the customer.

  • The time agreed upon will be between 4-12 months.
  • Any extensions beyond 12 months are at the discretion of the utility.
  • If customer needs additional assistance, Rockwell Utilities will do their best to refer the customer to local assistance agencies.